Tuesday, March 18, 2008

An apology, and reminder...

1st... I made a big booboo... So I need to apologize to Erin and Janalee. I some how got your Lo's mixed up. So I have corrected that on the last post. I had the correct winners name up, but the wrong LO. I even did a double check before I posted it. Because the pictures of the Ladies just didn't match up. (long and crazy story) So Ladies I am truly sorry.
Janalee can you please email me your address so I can get your lovely prize out to you!

Also a reminder:

Creative Team Call!!!

If you would like to be a part of Gettin' Sketchy's CT.
Please email me your take on Sketch #9 and another LO of your choice.
The only requirements for being on the CT is. That you create your take
on each of the sketches. I will as at times for you to help load the LO's and to post the winner of the challenges. I at times will ask for help with posting the new challenges. You name and picture with a link to your blog
will be provided on this blog! I really need more help. I plan to add 4-5
girls or boys to the CT. So if you would love to help and have fun...
please email me at gettinsketchy@hotmail.com
Please put creative team call in the subject line!
Deadline to submit is the 25th..



  1. is there anyway you guys could get your sketches together in pdf or jpeg files so that they are printable thus more useable?!?!

  2. I'll try to figure that out......I'm sure it is not so hard to do ;)

  3. I hope it's okay that I respond. Valerie if you right click on the sketch you should be able to save it on your computer as a jpeg which will allow you to print much easier. Hope that helped.

  4. Nicole, that's what I do! Right click and 'save as' :D I love Thorunn's sketches!

  5. Love the sketches, great blog.

    Newbie Blogger


  6. Hi Bee, can I still enter the challenge for a new CT member? Can you let me know on my blog? http://sollie79.blogspot.com

  7. Wanted to know the same as Sollie... I just discovered your blog and I love it !!! would be honored to be a part of it !
    can we still enter the "contest"
    thanks for your answer !

  8. Same issue here. I just discovered your blog. Here's a link to mine, fairly new but working on getting lots of projects loaded.




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