Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saying bye and Congrats!!

1st we have to say a sad good bye to Miss Patty!. She can no longer be apart of the team. We will miss you...

Congrats to Yukari For making the top 12 of Cosmo Cricket's!!

Scroll down the blog to see why they choose Yukari CC's Blog!!

And a early congrats to Aurelei She is getting married sometime next week.. I think..

So please leave a comment for each of these talented ladies...

Oh and I am 33 years old.. yep Bee is kind of old.. and I like Miley.. LOL


  1. Patty, Sorry that you have to leave the team. You will be missed.

    Yukari, CONGRATS on making CC top 12. Great LO

    Aurelei, CONGRATS & Best Wishes!!

    Bee, My Niece loves Miley too. In fact she just had a baby girl this month and named it Milee!! :)

  2. Goodbye everyone, I will try and play along from the side lines. My life has been in kahoots:( but moving right along.

    Congrats Yukari and Aurelei.

    And Bee I watch Hannah(I have to but I wont lie, I enjoy it)



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