Sunday, May 31, 2009

June's sketch

Hi everybody !
Bee is still sick, so I decide to help her for the blog
This month, I'll propose to you my first sketch

Yukari's take : so lovely, insn't it ?

and, here is my page :

Now, i'm waiting for the page of the DT !

No prize this mounth, just to play and have fun !


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Same old same old, UPDATED!!

*****Updated**** I have been very sick and in bed. I have my Lo from the lovely sponsor that I still need to post.. So Ladies.. since I have been un well.. I have decided to allow a few more days to get your submissions in. I hope Supperfly mollie doesn't mind! So U have until June 15th to get your Los in... so no one is late. We didn't get that many entries.. ladies Cards altered objects and LO's are all allowed. The only thing is that it is up to the sponsor if she wants to mail the prize overseas or the US only.

On To the sad note.. I will be putting GS on hold for an indef. time.Please don't remove us. You never know when I will be back. I am hoping sooner than later. I am also hoping to revamp and make this more of a hopping blog. But for now I have to get my health better 1st. Anyone from the GS team is more than welcome to draw and post sketches for fun. but for now Challenges will be on hold. Unless someone from the CT wants to do that... So this blog will be open... just on vacation..I hope u all will understand..Be back soon with the winner this time I promise.

I am finally out of the Hospital..I have pneumonia... So If anyone from the CT would like to do the drawing that is fine... If not ladies it will be once I feel better and have energy

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I am very sick went to ER and got admitted... So once I get out I will post the winner... so sorry.. :(

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