Friday, August 31, 2007

All Challenge #3 LO's

Rose Ann's wonderful winning LO!! (of course it was a fair draw!)

Here are all the lovely works.. I just love how each is so different.. Honestly I have never done sketches. I always thought I had to have pictures 1st. I also thought that you had to follow the sketch exatly the way the sketch was. So this was officially my 1st Sketch!! I realize now you can follow the sketch but add your style too it.
Thanks again for playing and sharing your work with us!!

Challenge #3 Winner!

Okay, so I had to get my son Tate involved in helping me draw a name because, any 2 and a half year old, they want to help with everything!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So, without further ado...the winner is...

(drumroll please)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Congrats! Send Bridget your mailing addy and she'll get your goodies out to you! She'll also be posting the image of the winning layout and a slideshow of all of the fabulous entries!

Be on the lookout for Challenge #4 coming soon!!

-Brook :)

Thanks Brook!! Oh my gosh.. see I knew he would look so cute helping you.. Congrats Rose Ann In Ohio!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Will draw

Hey Ladies.. Just wanted to post and let you know about whats going on. I will be doing the drawing tonight. So keep checking back tonight.. :)

Oh my ... so sorry.. I have to start setting reminders. Brook is going to draw the name.. So def. be checking today Aug. 30th.

I have another challenge.. all by its self. Since it is the anniversary of princess Diana's death. I want you to scrap a lo about what you were doing that day.. I will look in my stash and send one lucky winner the goodies.. I have been wanting to scrap about that day. Because I remember it so vividly. As my sister did too.. Ok so this is just for fun!!

Where were you??

Please follow link to my blog and post your link to your LO's in the comment section!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Challenge #3

Its getting closer. Only 3 more days to get your take on the Sketch Challenge #3. We have only had a few play so far.. So your chances of winning are greater!! Again we will do a random drawing. Just to be fair. I know we would have a hard time just choosing one. So Random drawings it will be. I am going to try and let my Doggie pull the winning name.. If it doesn't work, well my DH will do the drawing. So come on Ladies lets see your wonderful work.

Thanks ladies for all your feedback. One asked if the one doing the sketches is overseas. Yes Throunn is overseas. But I am the one who is trying to get sponsors. I also help by posting the sketches and the prizes. The 1st sponsor paid for the shipping cost. But I can't guarantee that all of our sponsors will pay the shipping. I am not in a good financial place right now. My Dh has been with out a job 2 1/2 weeks. We were just trying to figure out what to do, if the sponsor doesn't want to pay the shipping. Again thanks for your input! This has been a fun trial and error, I am still working on a few kinks. So please know we are learning along with you.

Please spread the word on our Challenges. Post at message boards you frequent. Email friends, post it on your blog. The more people who play the more we will keep these Sketches going!!


P.S. Every once in a while, please let Throunn know how wonderful she is. She loves making these Sketches!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Update and our sponsor!

Ok Ladies Thanks so much for your feedback. Because you are the reason we are doing this blog!! We will only be posting the Monthly Challenge! The reason is Throunn is the one who makes these beautiful Sketches. And she just moved to go to college. I had contacted her to see how she is and all that good stuff! Well she is having a problem with her internet connection. So I am saving a lot of the weekly sketches, so it will give her time. So I hope you can understand! Ok and now for the fun stuff!

Here is the stamps that will be the prize for Challenge #3...

Spring Flourishes

Office Space

Food Guys

These custom made stamps are from ZingBoom Kits!! This kit club is unique and fabulously put together. Kirsten adds vintage bits and custom made stamps in each kit! So go check them out. If you get a kit make sure to say you found ZingBoom Kits from our sketches blog!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Challenge #3

You have until the 25th to submit your take! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Here is Brooks Take on the sketch!!

Finally my take.. Sorry it took so long.. what can I say.. hmm I am a slacker. Ok its fixed Thanks Aleta for letting me know.:)

Our Sponoers for Challenge #3 is ZingBoom Kits!! The prize will be a set of Custom made ZingBoom Stamps!!

Sketch # 17

Here you go ladies.. I am going to make sure I get the rest on time.. Set the alarm on my phone for every Monday!!
Check back soon. For challenge #3!!

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