Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Will draw

Hey Ladies.. Just wanted to post and let you know about whats going on. I will be doing the drawing tonight. So keep checking back tonight.. :)

Oh my ... so sorry.. I have to start setting reminders. Brook is going to draw the name.. So def. be checking today Aug. 30th.

I have another challenge.. all by its self. Since it is the anniversary of princess Diana's death. I want you to scrap a lo about what you were doing that day.. I will look in my stash and send one lucky winner the goodies.. I have been wanting to scrap about that day. Because I remember it so vividly. As my sister did too.. Ok so this is just for fun!!

Where were you??

Please follow link to my blog and post your link to your LO's in the comment section!


  1. Oh goody I can't wait!

  2. Oh, the anticipation!!!

    Carol in NH

  3. Good Luck Everyone! ♥

  4. The anticipation is killing me!!!

  5. Good luck to everyone who entered the contest!
    Thinking on the Princess Di challenge..

  6. Hi ladies,

    I finished my lo for the Where were you? To remember Princess Diana. I can't wait see yours. Anyone else??

    have a good evening scrappers.

    Rose Ann in OHio or Rosie



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