Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Challenge #3

Its getting closer. Only 3 more days to get your take on the Sketch Challenge #3. We have only had a few play so far.. So your chances of winning are greater!! Again we will do a random drawing. Just to be fair. I know we would have a hard time just choosing one. So Random drawings it will be. I am going to try and let my Doggie pull the winning name.. If it doesn't work, well my DH will do the drawing. So come on Ladies lets see your wonderful work.

Thanks ladies for all your feedback. One asked if the one doing the sketches is overseas. Yes Throunn is overseas. But I am the one who is trying to get sponsors. I also help by posting the sketches and the prizes. The 1st sponsor paid for the shipping cost. But I can't guarantee that all of our sponsors will pay the shipping. I am not in a good financial place right now. My Dh has been with out a job 2 1/2 weeks. We were just trying to figure out what to do, if the sponsor doesn't want to pay the shipping. Again thanks for your input! This has been a fun trial and error, I am still working on a few kinks. So please know we are learning along with you.

Please spread the word on our Challenges. Post at message boards you frequent. Email friends, post it on your blog. The more people who play the more we will keep these Sketches going!!


P.S. Every once in a while, please let Throunn know how wonderful she is. She loves making these Sketches!!



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