Saturday, June 2, 2007

Oh my!! A cute new sketch #10 !!

Throunn sure rocked the sketch this time..........

Here is what she said "I just created a new inspiration from some motorsport logo I saw on TV tonight LOLOL but I like to use something from my enviroment when I create LO's ."


  1. Nice sketch...keep them coming.

  2. Hi!!!
    Your sketches are AWESOME!!!!

    I was wondering if you would like to "donate" a sketch for our Sisterhood of Scrap blog!
    We highlight a sketcher every Saturday and we would LOVE to highlight YOU!
    If you would like to, simply send in a sketch and any other infomation you would like us to post about you, for ex your blog link, of course, any DTs you are on, publications, a gallery where we could see your work, or just about anything you would like the WORLD to know! hehe!Please email me at if you would like to do this.



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