Sunday, September 30, 2007

Winner #4 & A few changes.......

Ok I am a slacker.. Now I don't have any cute little kids yet!! But my CKCS is too cute too!! Oh and the names were tapped on a stick, and he LOVES Sticks!!

So what else could be cuter!

The winner is Alteredego!! Congrats Email me your address @
Check her Blog out!!Mi Vida Loca Here's her Cute and Cozy LO!!

Make sure to look at these wonderful LO's.. Great job everyone.. :) Also if your LO is missing in the slide. Please let me know..

Ok The changes are that we can't afford to mail prizes to the overseas Ladies. I know the lady who makes the sketches lives over seas. But the prizes we are getting are here in the US. I am sorry to have to change this.. But I have 3 prizes that I have to pay shipping for. So I am truly sorry.. I do hope you will keep playing! Any questions please ask??


  1. *~*Anticipation*~*

    Have a scrappy day!

  2. Anticipation of a winner... or a new sketch. I say BOTH! :D

    BTW, I had a dream that I got a box of Mosh-Posh in the mail... is it true?! ;-)

  3. BTW, I had a dream that I got a box of Mosh-Posh in the mail... is it true?! ;-)

    I am sorry to say.. it will not come true.. :(
    But my cute dog will try better next time.. :)

  4. Oh my gosh!!! This just made my day. Thank you so much. Great job to everyone who entered. I love these sketches.

  5. alteredego~Congratulations!! I am loving your lo.

    Ladies everyone did a wonderful job...i am lifting a few btw ♥



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