Thursday, January 31, 2008

Challenge #7 Winners

So since there is going to be 2 winners tonight. I decided to just choose 2 of my favorite Lo's, and offer to the 2 winners. The option to Create for the March Sketch. So Here are the 2 winners!!! Congrats. Please email me your address and let me know if you would like to help create for March!

Here are all the Beautiful Lo's. (please let me know if you don't see your Lo in the slide show.) Also man it was really hard to choose 2 favorite Lo's.. Y9u all did such wonderful work..

Sorry again Ladies and I will announce the winners once I get this Lo!!!
Great work BTW!! It is going to be hard to choose.........

Chcek back a little later today and I will have the new sketch posted!!


  1. I sent you an e-mail with my sketch. Sorry you couldn't see it on Flickr, don't know what happened, probably a faulty link, my friends were able to see it.

  2. Lovely layouts by everyone! Congrats! :)

  3. Gorgeous winning LO's! I didn't see mine in the slide show? I'm not sure what happened.

  4. Congrats to the winners. Those are beautiful los!

  5. Erin.. I have now added your Lo.. No worries I did have you Lo saved on my computer and was in the running. I just some how missed it when putting it up in the slide show.. Great work.. Bee



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