Monday, August 31, 2009

Dear Gettin Sketchy Fans!!

Hi This is Bee!!
I am so sorry.. wow it is going to be Sept. Can you believe it.
I have decided if you having kind of figured it out.
That I am putting this site on hold. I don't know how long.
But as you know I have been having health issuses.
I haven't had any sketches made and no time to work on this site.
S for now I say Good Bye.. Thanks for making this a fun site to hae started.
Keep us on your email and fan list. So when we do come back.
You will know... Have a great rest of 2009.
I will dearly miss you. I wish you good health and happieness.



  1. I've been missing your sketches but I wish you well - take care of yourself!

  2. We have some ladies who loved your sketches on our site and we have a sketch challenge. So I was wondering if we could use your sketches to challenge our ladies. We would put your name as creator of each sketch along with the link to your site.
    Heres a link to our newest challenge to see how we do things.
    You can email me at
    Thank you so much.



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